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We won team of the year at the prestigious Tes Schools Awards 2019!

London, 21 June 2019: Tapton School Academy Trust and Fields of Learning has taken Science, technology and engineering team of the year at the prestigious Tes Schools Awards 2019. The awards, celebrating their eleventh year, recognise outstanding contributions made by education teams and individuals to help students around the country to succeed, both inside and outside the classroom.

The science education at Tapton School Academy Trust and Fields of Learning, Sheffield, is simply “fantastic”, the Tes lead judge said. The school’s busy science department has 20 specialist teachers, including an RIS (researcher in school) and three teachers undergoing initial teacher training. Its vision is to become like a university faculty, where teaching sits alongside research and discussion.

Judges heard about the school’s collaborations, including how it works with 50 primary schools in a “swab and send” initiative, through which one school has potentially found a new microbe that is “of great interest,” and that has been sent off for testing.

The school has produced finalists in the UK Young Scientist of the Year competition, while its annual science exhibition provides valuable opportunities for students to discuss and share their science with peers, parents and the community.

The majority of GCSE students at Tapton do separate sciences, a choice that supports a large uptake of science at A level in a sixth form of around 500 pupils. Key stage 3 initiatives include a popular science, technology, engineering and maths club, as well as science trips, while groups of Year 7 girls take part in Ada Lovelace Day to celebrate women in engineering.

The judges said: “The Tapton science department makes science education engaging and inspiring as well as being research and enquiry led...all learners can see the relevance, excitement and potential they have in science.”

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