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Enquiry-based innovative Science support

“Experimentation gives science its identity. Science uses experiments to discover the realities of the world, and this practical approach is as intrinsic to young learners as it is to professional researchers.”

John Holman - Good Practical Science (Gatsby 2017)

We believe that science is an inherently inquiry focussed endeavour that when built on well planned instruction, secure teacher knowledge and expertise, well planned and technically supported lessons leads to life changing experiences. This is essential if we are to help develop young enquirers to become the scientists, engineers and technicians that our economy needs.

Tapton School has developed science learning as a Specialist Science college and now as the Northern Hub for the Institute of Research in Schools (IRIS). Fields of Learning deploys experts to develop and deepen science learning from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5.

We offer bespoke support in:

  • Aspirational and inspirational assemblies and demonstrations to bring awe and wonder to science learning
  • Specific subject knowledge enhancement that is well matched to a needs assessment of both staff and the curriculum that always includes a focus upon practical inquiry led science
  • Constructing a curriculum to match needs and resources available
  • Growing a super-curricular STEM offer of both science clubs and engagement in fundamental research with IRIS
  • A training and development programme for technicians and non-specialist staff providing support in science learning
  • Professional development opportunities to refresh their professional skills and their expertise

We are unashamedly passionate about high quality science learning as it can transform the lives of all our learners to become the professional scientists, engineers and technicians of tomorrow - whatever the age, background or experience

If you want to talk to us then please contact our Science Lead Viv Bates TSAT Director of Science


Viv Bates (lead) (Director of Science - Chemistry)
David Dennis (NLE and Sciences)
Dr Nick Harris (IRIS - Biology)
James O’Neill (IRIS - Physics and Astronomy)
Julie Cadman (Director of Primary - Fields of Learning)
Mike Pollock (Technician lead)