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Influencing Others

Influencing others can be a real challenge; whether it be your department, those you don’t directly line manage, the wider school or the choices of SLT. We are often completely reliant on others to get our job done – the ability to influence others is therefore crucial.

Teachers and support staff can opt in for 3 or more sessions of their choice from the menu below. Each session will take place at Tapton beginning at 4pm and finishing at 5.30pm.

You do not have to be a TLR holder. Sessions will be led by a range of people across the Trust. There is no ‘project’ to complete, instead each delegate will have their own coach to meet with at least 3 times during the course of the year – it is this coaching model which we believe has a lasting impact on practice.

Choose the areas that interest you most. The cost of this course is £75 per session (with 3 coaching sessions included) or £500 for all 10 sessions plus 3 coaching sessions.

Please return your completed form to 

Session Title



Led by

Creating the strategy, vision and values for your team

New to a leadership role? How to create a long term plan and a common sense of purpose for your team. Using evidence and your moral purpose.


Monday 23rd September

David Dennis

Introducing a new initiative

How to get buy-in from the start and make sure you see things through to the end.


Tuesday 15th  October

Harkiran Grewal

Using data and evidence to plan your strategy

How to get data to answer the questions you currently have and prove to others the point you are trying to make.


Monday 16th December

Adrian May

Effective Delegation

Are you a micro-manager? A control freak? Or do you hand over responsibility all too easily leaving people to flounder? How to share the load and trust others to deliver your vision.


Monday 20th January

Kat Rhodes and Julie Cadman

Great Communication

There are so many ways to communicate within a school. Choosing the right time, medium and amount of communication can have a big impact on the success of the initiative you are leading.


Monday 16th March

Kat Rhodes

How to make meetings work for you

Meetings can be incredibly productive but they can sometimes feel like a waste of time for some. How to ensure you achieve the outcome you want and involve all who attend.


Monday 20th April

Julie Cadman

Difficult conversations can lead to positive change

Do you struggle to hold people to account? Do you avoid having a fierce conversation for fear of an argument?

Monday 18th May

Angela Lant

Leading a large and diverse department

How to get the best out of the people in a team, even when they are at very different stages of their career or may have different passions, specialisms and quirks!


Monday 8th June

Viv Bates

Sustaining and embedding the change while nourishing your staff

Change is an essential part of an improving organisation but how do bring this about while maintaining morale and staff wellbeing?


Thursday 9th July

Andrew Wright and Steve Rippin

Evaluating and reviewing your impact

How do you measure success? How do you ensure continual improvement rather than recurring problems and stagnation?

September 2020 (Date TBC)

Kat Rhodes and David Dennis