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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health problems are the greatest health problem faced by children and young people. One in ten 5-16 year olds experience a mental health problem. At Tapton School our drive towards positive mental health and wellbeing has been a whole school, holistic approach based around the ethos that ‘every second of learning counts’.

Our approach is based around raising awareness and destigmatising mental health and wellbeing, teaching students the signs and symptoms as well as ways of dealing with pressure. A range of support mechanisms and staff are entwined in the school. These support students from form tutors, year managers, mental health champions and a mental health and wellbeing and resilience worker. Support is always bespoke to the needs of the child, provided at all levels with a focus on least impact on lessons and learning. Staff mental health and wellbeing is also key so they are able to teach most effectively and support students. Everything we do starts with asking the question ‘how does this impact on staff and learner mental health and wellbeing?’

We can support you through coaching, mentoring, providing resources, answering questions, training:

  • Assemblies, form discussions and campaigns to raise awareness and destigmatise
  • Mental health curriculum and lessons in the PSHEe
  • Mental health statement/policy
  • Developing a mental health website
  • Student/staff/parent survey
  • Materials and programme to support students through exam stress
  • Parent evening presentation on managing exam stress
  • Staff wellbeing and happiness
  • Leadership session – good mental health for all - next steps
  • Leadership training – leading mental health
  • Governor training – a mentally healthy school

Please see our website dedicated to mental health and wellbeing: