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Quotes from Current and Past Trainees

Without a doubt, I would recommend this Alliance to upcoming trainee teachers. The support they provide across every aspect of their training is outstanding and I feel fully prepared to enter the world of teaching in my NQT year because of everything they have done for me. I will be forever grateful that I chose such a supportive training alliance.


The support I have received from my mentor has been outstanding; constantly providing me with feedback and a helping hand where needed across all aspects of my training year.


The course leaders provide excellent sessions and are approachable professionals who I can ask anything! They’ve been the guiding light throughout this course and have built great relationships with the trainees.


I received excellent training from a department willing to donate their time and energies into making me the best trainee I could be.


My mentor went above and beyond.


Everyone was superb. Couldn’t have asked for more.


I feel as if I am ready to be a fully-fledged confident teacher. Can’t ask for more than that.


I received all the help I needed, was given space to direct my own studies and was welcomed completely.


I felt part of the school from start to end, and some members of the department commented upon me leaving that they had forgotten I was a student teacher.


Felt like member of staff the whole year.


The course has given me excellent opportunities to develop.


Regular, detailed written and verbal feedback at both placement schools.


Very supportive in both placement schools.


Excellent regular training sessions which reinforced my learning in the classroom and other settings.


The department are the most welcoming people that I have had the pleasure to meet. Host teachers have allowed me to observe whenever I please and to work at my own pace during my development as a teacher.


The amount of opportunities I have received to take part in clubs and school trips has been outstanding.


My personality has been able to shine through as I have trained as a teacher.


Looking back to the start of the course I am a completely changed person. My levels of confidence have risen enormously and I have taken on challenges I couldn’t even comprehend before [dealing with behaviour takes top spot here!].


A culture of reflection has been embedded into my learning and I constantly strive to do better.