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What will my programme look like?

As a School Direct trainee you will be introduced and welcomed into one of our partner schools at the start of the September school term as a member of staff. You will attend the school’s training and induction and get to know the school staff and the children in the class to which you will be assigned. You will get to know the school routines and have the opportunity to visit different year groups and learning situations throughout the school. You will attend SHU each Friday for the taught session of your learning which will credit you towards your 60 Masters credits by the end of the course. Each week you will meet together as a group and be taught other modules of the course by one of our experienced teachers, SLE’s or leaders in education.

Each school placement will have student mentors who are trained by SHU to ensure that they are clear about your learning requirements and can support your individual needs. This will also be part of the class teacher’s role, but we will primarily encourage you to be reflective, self-evaluating learners yourself, able to judge your progress and targets to constantly improve your skills and knowledge.

You will begin, with the class teacher’s guidance and planning support, to teach groups of children and to experience class teaching. You will develop your skills to prepare you for your first assessed block placement after the October holiday and up until Christmas. During this period, you will be teaching the children in your placement class for at least 25% of the time. Your mentor will observe, support and assess your progress.

From January to March you will receive an experience in a contrasting school. Again this is an opportunity to experience a rich and varied teaching and learning experience, with visits to EAL and SEND schools and enriching your curriculum experiences. Teaching at SHU and school based teaching will continue, but there is no assessment of teaching in this block.

After Easter, for your final school experience, you will return to your first placement school and will carry out your Assessed Block Placement 2 in a different Key Stage to your first one.

There is no doubt that this will be a demanding course requiring resilience and energy. However, it will be rich, varied, inspiring and enabling you to get the best start possible in your chosen profession.

Please see below draft calendar.